• Call for VET teacher and staff

This call is addressed to school staff working in VET schools in the Information Technology (IT), electronics and automation sectors interested in developing competences in the framework of Work based learning methodologies.
Through this call the partnership of DC VET WB is seeking for collaborators in the following activities:
– Staff Mobility in June 2023 which will consist of 3 parallel flows of mobilities to Finland, Italy and Spain to update teacher competences. Each flow will be composed of 4 VET teachers and/or directors, 1 for each WB country. The visits will allow them to observe:
A) new technologies adopted by companies in the IT, electronic and automation sectors.
B) WBL activities organised by local schools.
– Develop new didactic activities from July till December 2023 and testing them at school;
The candidate interested in collaborating in the project declare to:
Have at least a B1 level of English according to the European Framework of Language (A1, A2, B1, B2 etc…)
Compromise himself/herself to implement the learned knowledge in your school.
Take part in mobilities within the EU . It is worth mentioning that the participation in this activity will be covered by the project.

The application shall be sent through this questionnaire by 14 April 2023.